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"1-Kendall Williams"


Being born around the Trinidadian culture, Kendall Williams has adopted the country's national instrument, the Steel pan. From as early as four years old, Kendall made efforts to mimic his parents as they displayed their talents in a Miami based steel band. It wasn't long before his efforts turned into a reality as he developed his skills and passion for the instrument. As he got older his passion brought out a connection to music and he was able to perform with large world renowned steel bands in Trinidad and Tobago as well as bands in the New York based scene for years and counting. He took things a step further when he graduated from Florida Memorial University with a BA in Music studying under the direction of Dr. Dawn Batson with his main instrument being the steel pan. He continued to further his studies at....(click details for full Bio)

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"Leh Go" by Blaxx


Difficulty: Medium/Hard (great for high school and college steel bands)

"Leh Go" is a soca tune that was sung by Blaxx (Stage Name) and arranged by Kendall Williams for the Crossfire Steel Orchestra as a panorama style/length tune. It was performed at the annual New York....

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"Party Tonight" by Clive Bradley


Difficulty: Medium/Hard (great for high school and college steel bands)

Party Tonight is a calypso sung by Lord Nelson and was regarded as one of the late Clive Bradley's more popular arrangement. This calypso styled tuned was turned into a classical style back in 2012 in compliance....

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"This Christmas" by Donny Hathaway


Difficulty: Medium (great for high school and college steel bands)

Starting with the traditional sound from Donny Hathaway, this christmas tune moves into a calypso feel while highlighting the background section. It's great for....

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