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"Boardwalk Breeze" by Jordan Morrison

List Price: $42.00
Price: $37.00

Difficulty: Easy (great for junior high, high school & college steel bands)

This composition is part of the Flex Series: Flexible Compositions for Flexible Steel Band.  It includes:

- Backing Tracks for Drums/Engine Room/Bass 

- Open Instrumentation w/ parts for Guitar/Piano 

- Notated engine room and drum set parts 

- Easy to rearrange with color coded/numbered sections 

- Plan ahead with the provided “Your Arrangement” Box or Call out the form in real time by saying the section number or use backing tracks w/ "Suggested Arrangement" box.

- All backing tracks will be sent to you once you've made a purchase. You can also access play-along videos with all backing track options at this YouTube link. These will make rehearsal much simpler if shown on screen for your band.

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Product ID SDJM2-020-Boardwalk_Breeze-FS
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Sample Mp3 

YouTube Sample

This Composition works well for the following ensemble setups:

Full Steel Band

Steel Band w/out a drummer (use provided Backing Tracks)

Steel Band w/out a drummer or engine room(use provided Backing Tracks)

Steel Band w/out Bass Pans (use provided Backing Tracks or sub in Bass Guitar)

Steel Pan Combo Setup (EX: Tenor, DS, Bass Guitar, and Drums...etc)

Mixed Ensemble (EX: some pans w/ some band instruments, guitar/piano, percussion...etc)

Many many other variations!

Thank you for checking out this piece! I hope it serves you and your band well!

Boardwalk Breeze has a Cha-Cha feel for most of the piece. It only has 8 distinct sections with lots of repurposed material so learning the notes should not take too long. The melody and flow of the chorus is meant to reflect something hanging up in the breeze and floating. The verses are just strolling along down the boardwalk at a brisk speed. Think of a speed walker with the wind at their back and it should keep you moving!

Below you will find a parts list and the description of the Flex Series of compositions. I wanted to add a few things for you to know specifically for this piece.

If you have an extra percussionist or 2 you should feel free to throw them on a cowbell (generally on beats 1 and 3)

With a bit of transposing, you could supplement or cover the melody with many different Treble Clef voiced instruments including Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone or Trumpet.

The options are endless so please feel free to dig in and make it fit your band’s needs! Enjoy!

Parts List:

Tenor (Double Tenor can double this)

Double Second

Triple Guitar/Cello

Six Bass (or Bass Guitar)

Chording (Guitar/Piano)

Engine Room (3 players - Shaker, Guiro, and Congas)

Drum Set

Difficulty: Easy (great for junior high, high school & college steel bands)

Instrumentation: tenor/double second/triple guitar-cello/bass/drum set/engine room


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